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01.10.2001 | prof. dr. hab. Tadeusz Zasępa | Čítanosť(4815)
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Úloha reklamy v prostriedkoch spoločenskej komunikácie

Dokument: (cca 94 kB)

In the connection with social communication media development, advertisement has its place. The Church notices its meaning and mission. The means of social communication and their tight connection with advertisement work can and should be the tools in the service of new spread of gospel realized by the Church in recent world. Therefore the Church freguenthy gives its vien considering this topic since the time of Second Vatican Council. The Pope Paul VI explained the reason of Church’s interest in the world of advertisement in the Message to xist world day of social communication. It is important fact in social tife which inflvences the integral development of humans. The author of the paper – quoting many statements of Church’s Magistrate – wants to show the positive and negative influences of advertisement on moral and religious influence of society. Advertisement must be in accordance with its promises, careful, be guided by the respect to human being and its values, should take chosen ways and the connections in which it shows account. Correct usage of those means undoubtly requires all, who use it, know moral standards and apply them.

Zdroj: Theologos 2001, č. 3.
Autor: prof. dr. hab. Tadeusz Zasępa - všetky články od tohto autora (2)

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