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01.10.2001 | ThDr. Miroslav Iľko, PhD. | Čítanosť(6166)
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Dokument: (cca 58 kB)

With development of the modern civilisation and with expand of consumer society we can see some „surplus“ of modern values, which are influencing life in the modern world of 21st century. Modern con­sume life style is becoming boring. People are trying to find something new. They are no more interested in material things and in prosperity, but people are interested in spiritual things. They are becoming a mem­bers of „traditional“ eastern religions in the effort to find something new, mystical and „liberational“. And the religions like Buddhism´s and Hinduism´s are giving people vith unfulled life that what they want.

But it is just Eastern Catholic Church which can give people inte­resting way to find TRUTH. This short work is talking about spirit of Eastern Catholic Church and about ways which is this religion using to come in contact with people.

Zdroj: Theologos 2001, č. 3.
Autor: ThDr. Miroslav Iľko, PhD. - všetky články od tohto autora (2)

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