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30.04.2005 | Prof. ThDr. Peter Šturák, PhD. | Čítanosť(9339)
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Blahorečenia: Pavel. P. Gojdič, Metod D. Trčka, Vasiľ Hopko

Dokument: (cca 106 kB)

It is often said today that a thick line should be done after the past and we

should forget all bad things. Heroic deeds are however not forgotten. Bright ideas should

be followed, we should learn from them. Let example of deep faith, prayer, sacrifying

suffering, goodness, humility, peace and favour of these new beautified of our church be

always an appeal for us to follow them.

These martyrs matured in belief and in love exactly in the years of liquidation of our church.

And here we can make sure that God can always turn bad to good. And if there had not

been years of persecution, perhaps our church would not be so cleansed and blessed and

undoubtedly our three martyrs would not glitter on its altar.

Zdroj: Theologos 2005, č. 1.
Autor: Prof. ThDr. Peter Šturák, PhD. - všetky články od tohto autora (7)

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